Sizing Chart - Bracelets & Cuffs

Step 1. Pick up the ruler.

Step 2. Put your bangle on the table.

Step 3. Measure the diameter of your bangle in millimetres (mm). 

Step 4. Figure out of the diameter of your bangle and match it to the sizes available for the bangle you want to buy.

You'll want to make sure the bangle will fit over your knuckles, so be sure to take that into consideration too!

If you are unsure or you don't have a bangle to measure (or you're ordering for a friend and you can't secretly measure their knuckle size), we recommend ordering a regular size bangle as they will fit most. 

We do offer exchanges for the wrong bangle size, you'll just need to send the bangle back to us with a note letting us know your order number and which size you'd like to switch to.

Good luck!