Our Story

Baha'ti, originated from the Swahili word 'Luck' and Indeed the sisters who founded Baha'ti consider themselves very lucky to be born and brought up on Kenyan Soil, experiencing the Art and Cultural Richness of Kenya and Africa as a whole. It was not until a quest took them to live outside a world they had not known too well - they realized how much of a vaccum there was for African Creativity. Fashion Apparel and Accessories, being their forte, became their mission - Baha'ti was created as an online platform in the Asia Pacific Region to showcase the creative side of Africa,

Puneet and Dipin felt that the depth of African culture and artistry has been undermined, unloved and not very well known in the parts of Asia and Australia.  By way of Jewellery and Accessories, they want to show how beautiful and deep African culture is, and it doesn't have to be adorned only if you've traveled to Africa.   They want to bring Africa to you by curating work of local artisans and designers to combine the traditional techniques of the local craft with modern design. Team Baha'ti wants to give you the shopping experience that excites you, make you feel good and give you an everlasting quality piece to treasure.

Brands that inspires elegance in everyday life. Jewellery proudly made in Africa

Dipin Team Bahati

Dipin, Team Baha'ti Australia NZ.

 Lives in Melbourne with her husband and baby girl.  Dipin thinks accessories is a statement of style, a story you tell about yourself without saying a word

Puneet Team Bahati

Puneet, Team Baha'ti Asia Region. 

Living between Kenya and India, Puneet is a fanatic when it comes to jewelry and accessories from all over the world and reckons you can never have enough.

International Chic with An African Touch

Baha’ti endeavours to work with the very creative African Designers making waves in the African Fashion scene.  These designers are known for their Creativity, Popularity and Ethics.

Our first venture starts in Kenya working with a number of designers and artisans who works primarily with reclaimed animal horn, recycled metals, 24 Karat gold leaf, beads and African wax.

The materials arrive at the workshops in their raw form and are transformed by the artisans into the final products.  process can be labour intensive and requires specialist knowledge on operating machinery. As each piece is made by hand, the care and attention can be seen in the final beauty of the products.  The artisans involved are extremely passionate in what they do, which can be seen in their workmanship.

All products are packaged and shipped using specially-made bags of African Print cloth and a care card

Bahatti artisans