Why Africa Now?

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The world seems to be fascinated by African Art, Fashion and Culture nowadays.

Did you know that African fashion has been in for so many years now in America and Europe especially?  Fashion Designers like Louis Vuitton had used the Kenyan Shuka in his 2012 collection.  Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin has recently boarded the African Fashion wagon: He launched a bag collection titled Africaba.  The bags are made out of a mix of different African fabrics and were embroidered in Senegal.  Vivienne Westwood once also produced bags in Kenya sometime back.

Christian Loubatin

It has gained more momentum ever since young emerging designers in not only Europe and America, but also Africa have begun creating modern contemporary designs using  African colors, patterns and techniques that resonates with the running trends in the Fashion world.

African designers in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana and Rwanda are being supported by several platforms now such as the Swahili Fashion Week, Accra Fashion Week and Kenya Fashion Week.

Adele Dejak, whom we feature in our collection has been at it since the early years of 2007 and has been spreading her wings internationally in Milan, Italy, South Africa, United States, London and now Australia & India.   Haute Baso, a collective of designers in Rwanda participated in the design and production for pieces carried by international retail chains Anthropologie and Macy’s, this strengthened their belief in their ability to showcase Rwandan designs in the international market and, at the same time, empower the girls and women they work with.


Jacqueline Shaw for one, has recently written a book exploring the transformation of Contemporary Fashion of Africa.  Diana Opoti, based in Kenya,  founded '100 days of African Fashion' showcasing work of various African desigers creating a market in Africa and overseas.  On your left is an Imagee Companies like Samsung, Blackberry, Moet & Chandon and Mercedes Benz are now supporting, funding and creating shows and events focusing on African fashion. I hope that with all this there will be more opportunities in Africa.

With China's dominance on textiles, machine made jewelry and the low value that they come with, is easily preferred by the mass. There will be challenges for the African market in that sense, but that is how any industry works. There is definitely a brightfuture ahead!

Pichulik, South African Designer 

Haute Baso, Rwandan Designer Collective


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