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Team Bahati

Our Baha'ti Explorer,  Puneet, is in Nairobi at the moment exploring new items to bring to you! (Lucky Duckling!)  We just cant wait to see what she has in store for you!

While on her treasure hunt, she passed by to say Jambo and express her gratitude to our Featured Designer Adele Dejak's Team of Artisans yesterday.  The very team who works to bring all Adele's creations to life.
When you choose a Baha'ti piece, we ensure you choose to make a difference to another person's life.  You may not realise this, but when you buy a  bracelet or even something small like a  ring, you are bringing a change to the lives of these very hard working Artisans     

We are so grateful to our Customers and Supporters wh o appreciate the African Culture and Art.  Actually, be it any Culture and Art from around the world!  


So we want to take the opportunity to thank you, for supporting Handmade goods.

We thank you, for empowering the makers put their Skill and Talent to good use.

We thank you, for giving them a chance to Educate their Children.

We thank you, for the opportunity you have given them to earn a decent living so that they can eat healthy and afford safe housing

And We thank you, for giving them a purpose to be part of a community.

We truly believe It's just not a piece of beautiful handmade jewellery that makes you feel like a Lioness - it's someone's life!

Be inspired, Spread the word, Support Handmade and Sustainable products so that we can build a better world!


Team Bahati  x x


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