You are a Piece of Art - And here's why..

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"You are a piece of Art, and here's why we are here." 

You deserve the best of the best. That's why we have crossed seven seas, fought with the fierce African Lions, walked barefooted the dangerous Saharan desert to bring to you the most beautifully created jewellery from Africa.  OK - Tad exaggeration. But you get what we mean, right?!

We take much pride of our Curated and In house Designed jewellery range that are genuinely made to make a difference to the world as well as give you the luxury you deserve.  Without compromising quality and most importantly ethical values, You very well know that Ethically created items mean that the people behind those creations are given a fair share.  That's why we also chose Adele Dejak as our curated designer (whom we are an absolute fan of! She is a designer of the highest caliber - Pretty much the Alexander McQueen of Africa, per say) Her work ethics resonate with ours.  She has created tribal glam from recycled materials such as brass that was once dumped as unusable and Ankole horn that were probably been thrown to waste by the meat industries.  Artisans who probably had no where to go and their skills gone to waste,  Adele has created numerous jobs and given them a purpose. Makers You may be paying tad more for a piece, but its knowing that it has not been created 10,000 times by a machine and the same being worn by the rest of the world! Its knowing that a human has touched and created it with much love and care, its knowing that the Artisan has gone home that night to his family with gratitude filled in his heart that his Family will be well fed, well educated and safe. Artisan My Heart beats Africa It's knowing that you are doing your part in this world and it is the best feeling ever (in addition to looking absolutely glamorous!) You can mix it and match it and stack it high or low! Its a piece of jewellery you'll invest for yourself and your soul -So go on girl - do your thing - Own your Style! 

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