"Africa Your Time is Now"

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From “We Should All Be Feminists’ at Dior, to “Be Your Own Hero” at Haider Ackermann, slogan t-shirts are a walking billboard to broadcast a clear point. Depending on the message, the slogan tees can be intriguing, impactful, stirring and are often times a call to action.

One slogan tee which brings out the patriot in us, is the ‘Africa Is Now’ t-shirt by Butter Pudding. Spearheaded by owner and former Fashion Director Papama Mtwisha.  Their campaign seeks to draw the world’s attention to Africa’s power and potential. Says Papama: “In essence, the campaign is a re-awakening of the spirit of African influence. It is a movement that celebrates afro-optimism and calls on fellow Africans to do the same with both fervour and urgency,” says Papama.

The campaign features black and white portraits shot by Judd van Jensburg. They depict proud Africans, from musician Khuli Chana, to fashion designer Marianne Fassler, through to media personality Anele Mdoda. These individuals were selected as the mouthpiece for the campaign as they are regarded as opinion-shapers in their respective fields. Words are power, and fashion is a vehicle to impact positive change.

When wearing statement t-shirts such as these, it reinforces positive messaging about Africa and being African."


 So you'd ask How can a Slogan T-Shirt make a real Difference?  How we feel about ourselves is the seed we plant in our lives. Let's ensure that we plant good seeds by thinking good thoughts about ourselves, on a personal and national level.

In wearing an  Africa Your Time is Now t-shirt one becomes a breathing billboard sending a positive vibration. You convey a powerful message of inspiration that positively reaffirms and sends a bold reminder of the power that Africa and Africans possess. The aim is to have as many people wearing the t-shirt so that the message is always top-of-mind. The t-shirts are meant to be a proclamation of power, strength, beauty, identity and character. Secondly, proceeds from the profits for all t-shirts will go towards a fund that will be donated to a couple of child-oriented charities to assist in whatever way is needed. Thirdly, the t-shirts are manufactured locally in South Africa, ensuring that the rand is circulating here and therefore sustaining employment.

You can grab your very own Statement T-shirt here in Australia.  

Content: Elle South Africa ( www.elle.co.za)


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